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To : Oren Nesher

PADI Course Director # 924653

Copy : PADI Europe

Subject: Gratitude and appreciation

In response to the diving instructors course that you taught (June 2005 Tel Aviv), I would like to express my gratitude to you. Although we have developed a great friendship that allows me to say these things to you personally, I chose to express my gratitude and appreciation in writing so that my feelings will be clear.

I would like to thank you for the professional way and the high level at which you managed the diving instructors course that I had the honor to be part of. The high standards and requirements for non-compromising performance that you demanded from us brought results that astound even the students themselves. All the students will agree with me that we produced a high level of professionalism as you expected from us and I am glad that we successfully achieved this goal.

There is no doubt that the method that you implemented of doing your best in training was the main method on the way to achieving our goal. It is obvious to all involved in the diving field, that when a profession involves both enjoyment on the one hand, and human life on the other hand, an especially high level of professionalism, responsibility and interpersonal relations are required. With all these taken into account, you managed our PADI instructors’ course from beginning till end. Even on the days of the exam (Eilat 23-25 June 2005) you were available to answer all of our questions regarding the course and the exam material throughout the program.

I think that PADI has a great honor that instructors like you represent them. I am sure that your love to the sea, to the profession, and your expertise in the diving profession are a great asset to the diving field in our country.

Thank you for everything,

Henry Koren

Instructors course student, June 2005.